An Overview

Major construction projects are best managed when well-documented and rigorously followed business processes are put in place. They then must be managed with cutting-edge information technology (IT) tools to help guide and answer the ever-present, critically important and constant question in any phase of a construction effort – “Where do we stand on this project?”

The answer to this question does not have to be the sound of rustling paper or stunned silence, because we have the answer at our fingertips. Widewaters has aggressively deployed and integrated key software packages to overlay our business processes to ensure that we have a threefold convergence of:

  • Top human talent
  • Consistent and reliable business and construction processes
  • IT tools for design, estimating and project management to provide a single repository of construction data, management reporting and information-sharing capabilities for internal oversight, supplier/contractor management and customer information

Primavera P6

Primavera P6 is a global solution for planning, managing and executing projects of any size. P6 provides the project management team with a real-time view of their project and performance, while also providing usability and flexibility to effectively manage a project and communicate with the entire team.

A 100% web-based user interface allows you to view the project’s life cycle from initiation through to closeout, either from the office or in the field. Interactive web-based Gantt charts allow for adding, deleting and modifying activities, relationships, resources and costs:

Using our scheduling software, we are able to:

  • Ensure project collaboration
  • Complete more projects successfully
  • Improve processes and methods
  • Provide threaded discussion portlets that enable users to participate in online conversations and address issues
  • Enhance performance reporting to P6 users and non-users alike

By utilizing Primavera P6, we assure you that completing a project “on time and under budget” is more than just a catchphrase.


Procore is a cloud-based construction management software application. It provides Widewaters Construction, Inc. with a truly collaborative environment for all team members, regardless of their location across the country. It is 100% mobile and users are able to manage their projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. This allows our team at Widewaters to work efficiently and with accountability. Procore also provides streamlined communication and documentation to owner, client and subcontractor alike with unlimited seat access and document storage.

In addition, Widewaters Construction, Inc. has implemented a customized ERP integration between Procore and our accounting system. The exchange of real-time financial information is automated for vendors, cost codes, budgets, commitments, salaries and payment Information. This process ensures accuracy between the two systems and reduces duplication of effort.

AutoCAD® and REVIT®  Technologies

The Widewaters experience starts with the use of computer-aided drafting (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM). Combining the power of AutoCAD® and REVIT® during the design process, Widewaters goes beyond just creating blueprints and provides 3D, fully rendered, graphical models of your project for a 360-degree perspective.

Additionally, the use of mechanical/electric/plumbing (MEP) software suites ties in and provides a visibly precise overview of the project’s complete infrastructure. The ability to leverage the combined features of CAD, BIM and MEP software provides for seamless collaboration, improved coordination and accelerated decision-making between engineering design teams, architects and structural engineers.

Insight Software

Insight Software provides earthwork takeoff and construction estimating software and is specifically designed for the excavation and general contracting industries.
Their software solutions allow our estimators the tools required to be competitive,
accurate and profitable.

Widewaters utilizes this software for potential development, budgeting of earthwork and
site estimates and provides a complete takeoff solution including:

  • cut and fill
  • stripping
  • strata quantities
  • paving and concrete materials
  • topsoil re-spread
  • areas and lengths
  • trench excavation
  • backfill
  • utilities